20 Very Cheap and Easy DIY Window Valance Ideas You Would Love

20 Very Cheap and Easy DIY Window Valance Ideas You Would Love

If you are feeling tired of the plain appearance of any window in your home then you can always spice it up with diy window valance ideas. Why should you choose a valance? Although window valances are not as common as perhaps they once were, they have never gone out of style. As a decorative accessory, diy valances can be added over any window and have become a wonderful tip to refresh your space without costing you very much. Window valances can be used alone as a window decoration or with other window treatments like blinds, sheers or curtains. Whether you would like to conceal drapery hardware or add style and dimension to your decor, valances are always a lovely choice. To help you figure out which style you want for your room, we’ve curated 20 super easy and cheap diy window valance ideas for you to look at. You don’t need to invest a lot of time to create them. Following these valance ideas, you can make your own valance just with some affordable materials and basic DIY skills.

#1. Cut the cardboard to the desired width and scored and folded, and then covered with batting and fabric to make this valance:

diy fabric valance

Great Tutorial: inmyownstyle.com

#2. If you have enough napkins, turn them into this beautiful window valance:

napkins window valance

Source: debbie-debbiedoos.com  &  pinterest.com

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#3. Cut bead garland at different lengths and hung it onto a tension rod:

bead garland turned into valance

Source: pinterest.com

#4. Give your home a farmhouse feel by repurposing a rusty tin panel into a window valance:

diy metal window cornice

Great Tutorial: themagicbrushinc.com

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#5. Go for a wrought iron valance:

wrought iron valance

#6. Create this interesting upcycled valence from an old fence section:

upcycled valence from an old fence section

Source: grandparentsplus.com

#7. Use old scarves to make a Bohemian curtain:

Use old scarves to make a Bohemian curtain

#8. Simply turned upside down a garden fencing to use as a window valance decorated with knick-knacks:

upside down garden fencing turned into a window valance

Source: homeroad.net

#9. Create a rustic look for your window by making distressed wood valance:

distressed wood valance

Tutorial: beauty4ashes-ellie.blogspot.ca

#10. Make a window valance out of giant paper flowers:

window valance made out of giant paper flowers

Great Tutorial: thecraftpatchblog.com

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#11. Sew a burlap valance and adorn it with burlap bows in a different color:

no burlap valance

Great Tutorial: faithfullyfree.com

#12. Go rustic with this wooden sign that doubles as a unique valance:

wooden board valance

Source: athomeonthebay.com

#13. Add a little bit of beach feel to your home with a rope or fishing net diy valance:

rope or fishing net diy valance

Great Tutorial: refreshliving.us

#14. Join crochet flowers together into a beautiful window valance:

diy crochet valance

Source: flickr.com    Great Tutorial: onceuponapinkmoon.blogspot.ro

#15. Enhance the look of your dining room with a no-sew DIY burlap window valance:

no-sew DIY burlap window valance

Tutorial: 11magnolialane.com

#16. Rethink a display shelf or hanging baskets:

displaying shelf used as a valance

#17. Scrap fabric valance—this would be cute in a kid’s room or nursery:

Scrap fabric valance

Source: bedifferentactnormal.com

#18. Again, go for a rustic look with a pallets valance:

pallet valance

Great Tutorial: coloursaturatedlife.com

#19. DIY kitchen valance with towels, vintage tablecloths and tension rod:

DIY kitchen valance with towels

Source: onegoodthingbyjillee.com

#20. This pieced quilt square valance sure to wow your visitors:

Great Tutorial: tallgrassprairiestudio.blogspot.com