Try These Ideas for Making a Kid’s Play Garden

What is A Play Garden?

A play garden is an outdoor play area for kids that allows them to freely explore nature, enjoy games, learn about gardening, and observe the growth of plants.

How to Make Play Gardens for Kids?

There are many exciting elements that can be added to a kid’s play garden, such as a miniature fairy garden, wind chimes, stepping stones, a bean teepee, and more. However, the most essential component is dirt. According to The National Wildlife Federation report, contact with dirt not only improves children’s mood and reduces stress but also strengthens their immune system due to the healthy bacteria present in the soil. It’s important for them to clean their hands after playing.

To further enhance the experience, provide fun toys and kid-sized garden tools for the kids to use while exploring the growth of plants, including flowering plants, vegetables, and herbs.

Consider placing a bird feeder, a bug hotel, or a butterfly garden near the play garden. This offers an excellent opportunity for children to learn about the insect world.

A kid’s play garden doesn’t require a large space in your garden or backyard; even a small corner of your outdoor area is sufficient. You can create a border to hold the dirt and transform an old sandbox into a quick and easy play garden. It’s advisable to have at least a part of the play garden shaded to prevent sunburn during hot afternoons. Alternatively, you can build a shady space specifically for the play garden.

Overall, you can create a play garden without investing a significant amount of time and resources, yet the rewards are substantial.

Continue reading for 15 play garden ideas:

#1. Grow a bean teepee which will provide children with the most cool outdoor hideaway ever:

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#2. Build a quaint little town on a reclaimed board:

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#3. This critter proof and kid sized raised garden just takes up a little space:

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#4. Build a tiny playhouse as trellis for climbing plants, so that it allows kids to avoid the sun in the summer:

#5. Build a deck fairy garden where children will learn how to grow plants:

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#6. Kids are able to observe the growth of plants when they are playing the toy cars:

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#7. Use low fencing to section off a small piece of yard for kid’s garden where children can grow plants and enjoy sensory play and role play:

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#8. Grow a sunflower house for the kids to play in:

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#9. Turn an old galvanized wash bin into a portable play garden:

#10. A mini pond, a little planting corner and some road bricks make these fun play gardens:

#11. Add a flower and herb garden to your children’s play area:

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#12. Set up a raised garden bed, and have your kids decorate their play garden and grow their favorite plants:

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#13. Grow a tire garden together:

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#14. Learn about how to attract butterflies and give them a resting place:

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#15. A fairy garden table provides your kids plenty of inspiration for imaginative playtime fun:

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