15 Brilliant Ideas To Transform An Unused Closet Space

15 Brilliant Ideas To Transform An Unused Closet Space

Do you have an unused closet in your home? If you have it then you are missing a great area. Whether you’re looking to add more value to the space or just a creative way to use some unused space, these unused closet re-do ideas are sure to your choices, such as turning an unused closet into a nursery, reading nook, office, etc. Take a look below ideas and pick up your favorite!

#1. Squeeze a Home Bar Into The Unused Closet Space:

#2. Maybe You Don’t Need a Hallway Closet, Why Not Turn It Into a Mudroom?

More details at: 11magnolialane.com

#3. Turn it Into a Laundry Room; Simply Fit In The Washer and Dryer and Add White Wire Shelves:

How to do you can see here.

#4. Transform the unused closet into a play nook:

#5. Install Shelving and Set Up a Pantry:

Image source can be found at: houzz.com

#6. Place Crib in The Closet Is a Good Idea If You Have No Separate Room for Your Little One:

#7. What do you think of this closet turned bathroom?

Source: apartmenttherapy.com.

#8. A glass door to a closet-turned-library creates an illusion of greater space:

Source: shoppingcandy.blogspot.com and nytimes.com

#9. Set Up Bunkbeds in a Closet with Doors:

Source: flickr.com  and   houzz.com.

#10. Turn that closet into a functional office space – isn’t this perfect?

Or simply place a small desk for home work:

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

11. Hack The Space for a Cozy Bed Nook:

Source: designertrapped.com.

#12. Build an awesome two story hangout for kiddos:

#13. Turning the closet into a baby changing station will save much space in the nursery:

Source: projectnursery.com and flickr.com

#14. It would be perfectly suitable for a Makeup Vanity Space:

How to do it: lizmarieblog.com

#15. Make a doggy or cat bedroom out of a closet:

Source: popsugar.com

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