17 Hacks to Gain More Storage Space in Bathroom Cabinets

If you want to gain more storage space in a small bathroom, do not ignore any space, including your under-sink area. Actually, it is the best storage space for bathroom essentials. Most of the time, you will find that the area underneath the bathroom sink is ridiculously cluttered and messy. That’s because you haven’t a plan on how to get it all organized yet. Fortunately, many great bloggers have come up with a lot of new hacks to get more storage space in a bathroom cabinet. And you don’t need to spend a lot. Many of these solutions only cost a couple of bucks! Wow!

1. Stackable wire bins will create more space underneath bathroom sink:

Image via: athomewithnikki.com

2. Mount over the door hooks or an over the door wire bin to store more:

3. Use a large lazy susan (turntable) to keep everything from vitamins to lotion to cleaning supplies on:

Found on: mommysuite.com

found on: maillardvillemanor.com

4. Place a 2 tier expandable shelf under the bathroom sink to organize your toiletries:

5. Fix command hooks inside of the cabinet door to hang baskets for storing toiletries:

Found on: marialouisedesign.com

Found on: polishedhabitat.com

6. Take advantage of the space at the top of bathroom cabinets using under the cabinet wire baskets:

See the Tutorial: craftsalamode.com

7. Fix IKEA spice racks on the cabinet door to store bathroom essentials:

Found on: simpleandseasonal.com

8. Keep an eye on all of your bathroom essentials by using clear bins in your cabinets:

9. Command picture hanging strips can be used instead of command hooks:

Found on: polishedhabitat.com

10. Mount these toothbrush organizers to the cabinet door to keep the kids’ toothbrushes out of sight but still easily accessible:

More details at: cleanandscentsible.com

11. If your cleaners are taking up too much of the floor space in your cabinet, install a tension rod to hang the bottles from:

12. Sliding cabinet organizer can make you easily access your toiletries:

Found at: ironandtwine.com

13. Create a faux drawer in bathroom cabinets to store hair styling tools:

See the full Instructions ==> grayhousestudio.com

14. Build a bathroom vanity sliding shelf to let you easily access your toiletries:

Check out the Tutorial:  interiorfrugalista.com

15. Fix a shower rack to the cabinet door to store your toilet paper:

Image via: loulougirls.com

16. Add a shelf that was cut out for pipes in the cabinet:

Image via: housemixblog.com

17. Install a cabinet door organizer to store bathroom essentials:

Found on: abowlfulloflemons.net

Found on:  mommysuite.com