Top 20 Ideas Turn Trash Bags Into Creepy Halloween Decorations

Fall is here, and it is not too early to start thinking about how you will decorate your home for Halloween. This way, you will have plenty of time to prepare creative, fun, and cheap decorations. Holidays can be expensive, but we have found a useful tip to help keep the cost down on decorations. The answer is making Halloween decorations at the lowest cost by using garbage bags. It might sound ridiculous, but trash bags can be turned into a lot of awesome Halloween decorations. Black bags are for spiders or bats, and white bags are for ghosts. You can also make black wreaths for your front door. The results are very creepy. Take a look at them, and you will find that they are easy to make and can be your really amazing Halloween decorations.

#1. Trash Bag Witches and The Ring of White Garbage Bag Ghosts.

Create captivating trash bag witches with pointy hats and flowing robes. Surround them with a haunting ring of white garbage bag ghosts, billowing and floating in the wind. Spooky and fun!

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#2. Skeleton Made of Plastic Bags

Assemble a skeleton using plastic bags as the bones. Hang it on your porch or place it in the yard for a bone-chilling Halloween display. Simple yet effective!

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#3. Black Plastic Cut in Strips and Pulled to Create these Awesome Strands.

Transform black plastic into strips and pull them to create eerie strands. Drape them across your entryway or suspend them from trees for a bewitching effect. A spine-tingling touch!

#4. Fully Stuffed Bags can Make some Fun-Looking Ghosts Scattered Throughout the Yard.

Fill fully stuffed bags to make playful ghosts scattered throughout your yard. These whimsical spirits will bring a touch of humor to your Halloween decor. Boo-tifully charming!


#5. Halloween Bats Made From Trash Bags

Craft spooky bats using trash bags. Hang them from trees or attach them to walls for a nocturnal ambiance. Watch these DIY creatures take flight!

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#6. Litter the Lawn with Some Body Bag Decor.

Add a morbid touch to your lawn by scattering body bag decor. These eerie props will give the illusion of a crime scene, sending shivers down the spines of passersby. A truly chilling scene!


#7. Halloween Pumpkins From Trash Bags

Repurpose trash bags to make Halloween pumpkins. Fill them with leaves or crumpled paper, carve spooky faces, and illuminate them from within.

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#8. Trash Bag Spider Webs

Craft intricate spider webs using black trash bags. Hang them in corners and doorways to entangle unsuspecting guests.

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#9. Ghost From White Garbage Bags

Shape white garbage bags into ghostly figures. Hang them from trees or perch them on stakes for a spectral presence. These floating phantoms will give your Halloween scene a haunting allure.

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#10. Halloween Witch Was Cleverly Fashioned Out of a Trash Bag

Exercise your creativity by fashioning a clever Halloween witch from a simple trash bag. Mold and shape it into a witch’s hat, dress, and broomstick. A wickedly delightful addition to your decor!

#11. Giant Trash Bag Spider

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#12. Use Newspaper and Trash Bags to Create this Wrapped Corpse

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#13. Three Sister Witches Out of Milk Jugs and Black Trash Bags

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#14. Hang These Black Garbage Bag Strips from The Ceiling

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#15. Decorate the Flower Pot with the Black Trash Bag to Get a Spooky Look.

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#16. Garbage Bags Curtians for Halloween.


#17. Evil Trash Bags But They Are Also Pumpkins.


#18. Gaint Snake Made Out of Trash Bags and Duct Tape

#19. Use Thick Black Trash Bags to Really Keep Out the Light


#20. DIY Tin Can Ghost Windsock

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