22 Spooky Halloween Decorating Ideas Will Make You Say WOW

Halloween is a great time of the year. There is still about a month, but it is never too early to start thinking about how to add a little bit of the spooky spirit to your house for this Halloween. You don’t need to spend lots of money on Halloween decorating projects that you might not want to use a second time.

You can do your decorating projects because everyone can create spooky and creative decorations for their houses with a sprinkle of creativity, patience, and surprisingly few supplies. If you love doing your decorating projects, then you will be happy to know that we have gathered some fresh ideas for you. Check out the roundup below of 22 DIY Halloween decorating ideas and have a creative and spooky Halloween.

1. Turn Porch Column into Giant Mummy:

Tutorial at: The Keeper of The Cheerios

2. Broom parking sign will let your neighbors know how many witches you have staying in your house:

3. Brighten up your Halloween porch with bat lanterns and as many pumpkin luminaries:

4. How To Make Wicked Witch Legs from Grillo Designs.

5. Use a light on a small witch to cast a HUGE witch’s shadow on your house:

6. Hang witch hats from the ceiling using fishing line:

More details at: A Walk In The Countryside

7. Make a skeleton bubble bath:

Tutorial at: Smart School House  Image via: pinterest.com

8. Lawn Ghosts Made with Drop Cloths and Clear Packing Tape:

Tutorial at: The Pink Pixie Forest

9. The metallic gold skull, satin top hat and fabulous cravat upgraded the horror effect of this black feather garland:

Image via: Entertaining Grace

10. Layer up many different pumpkins to form the arch for Halloween:

11. Decorate Garden Tree with Glowing Ghost Skirts:

12. Use silicone to create a replica of your bloody palm:

Tutorial at: Felt Magnet

13. Purchase a plastic cauldron from the dollar store and cut in half to make this fabulous witch wreath:

14. Use Toilet Paper Cardboard to Shape Monster’s Eyes:

15. DIY Black Twig Wreath Made From Black Painted Branches and Dollar Store Items:

Tutorial at: mypinterventures.com

16. Severed Hand Vase:

Tutorial at:   ehow.com   &   buzzfeed.com

17. Hanging Cage Halloween Prop:

Tutorial at: thenavagepatch.com

18. Transform Your Loved Ones’ Images into a Ghostly Display:

Tutorial at: Country Living  Image via: buzzfeed.com

19. Witch’s Brooms Lit Walkway:

How to make a broomstick? see here.

20. Terra Cotta Pot Witch – Made by painting pots black and stacking them: