19 Simple Bird Feeder Crafts That Provide the Ultimate Fun For Kids

Do you love birds? Many people love to watch and feed birds. These creatures are really beautiful and adorable. Watching birds while feeding offers great fun for people. It is a fun activity for children, teenagers, adults, and old people.

Are you planning to make bird watching a frequent fun activity? Do you want to add something exciting to your daily routine? You can start with making your own bird feeder. You can come across many different ideas and designs nowadays. Many of them will be appealing to kids.

Here are 19 simple, exciting, and enjoyable bird feeder crafts that provide the ultimate fun for kids. Parents can make their children more creative with the help of these projects. A finished bird feeder will be an excellent addition to your garden. These exciting bird feeder crafts ideas will attract both beginners and experienced ones.

1. Mason Jar Bird Feeder

This idea teaches you how to make a beautiful bird feeder using an unused mason jar.  via Crafts by Amanda

2. Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder

Paint Popsicle sticks using different colors to make a stunning feeder.  via Made with Happy

3. Pinecone Birdfeeder

Get a pinecone and tie to string to the top to make a good-looking bird feeder.  via The Ladybird’s Adventure

4. Coffee Container Bird Feeder

You can make a cute feeder using a coffee container, color, and birdseed.  via Mom Wife Busy Life

5. Canning Jar Lid Bird Feeder

This canning jar lid feeder idea teaches you how to make an efficient feeder easy and fast.  via Juggling Act Mama

6. Egg Box Bird Feeder

It is one of the best bird feeder crafts ideas that talks about making a feeder using egg cartons, bird seeds, and yarn.  via Crafts on Sea

8. Bird House Feeder

Use cardboard and twine to make a perfect birdhouse feeder that looks attractive and inviting.  via Non-Toy Gifts

9. Orange Peel Bird Feeder

Do you want to learn how to make a bird feeder using orange peel? Follow the steps advocated in this bird feeder craft idea.  via Thimble and Twig

9. Apple Bird Feeder

You can go creative and use apples to make a bird feeder.  via Natural Beach Living

11. Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

Toilet paper rolls can be used to make appealing bird feeders.  via Fireflies and Mud Pies

12. Tin Can Bird Feeder

Decorate a tin can using paint and lace to make a cute feeder for birds.  via Mom Endeavors

13. Paper Bowl Bird Feeder

Fruit loops and paper bowls can be combined to make a nice-looking feeder for birds.  via Non-Toy Gifts

14. Wreath Bird Feeder

This idea teaches you how to make a wreath feeder creatively.  via Sugar, Spice, and Glitter

16. Cereal Bird Feeder Ornaments

You can make feeder ornaments using cheerios, twine, and pipe cleaners.  via Natural Beach Living

18. Sequined Jug Bird Feeder

Use a jug creatively to make a feeder for birds.  via Juggling Act Mama

19. Coffee Mug Bird Feeder

Learn how to make a feeder for birds with the help of a coffee mug, plate, glue, and twine.  via Ann’s Entitled Life