15 Amazing Foods to Magically Make in a Waffle Iron

Waffle iron, a small kitchen appliance is not only for preparing your breakfast or brunch waffles. In fact, this kitchen gadget is like a panini press, mini grill, and toaster oven all in one, and it can do a lot more than make waffles. It can produce some pretty good scrambled eggs,brownies, cinnamon rolls, and even bacon…If you want to try making them, you don’t need to be a professional chef, just make sure you have a little basic kitchen skills. We have found a lot of waffle iron recipes that are definitely worth a try. So take out the stepstool and pull your waffle maker down from the precious kitchen cabinet.

#1. Waffle Iron Confetti Cake

Recipe ====> bunsinmyoven.com

#2. There is no more fun way to cook cinnamon rolls like this.

Recipe ====> ahensnest.com

#3. Waffle eggs make your breakfast sandwiches more fun and more delicious.

Recipe ====> willitwaffle.com

#4. Just want a few cookies and don’t want to turn on the oven, try this recipe.

Recipe ====> thehappyhousewife.com

#5. Hot dogs have never been so much fun. Use pieces of bread to wrap hotdogs and then use tongs to dip and coat each wrapped hotdog in the batter.

Recipe ====> guavarose.com

#6. Go for a delicious waffleburger like this; top patty with cheese cooked in the waffle iron for five seconds.

Recipe ====> willitwaffle.com

#7. No grease splatters, it seems like a perfect way to cook bacon, but it will take you a lot of time to clean bacon grease in all of those little crannies.

Recipe ====> onegoodthingbyjillee.com

#8. Fried a breakfast egg in waffled style.

Recipe ====> snapguide.com

#9. How to deal with leftover macaroni and cheese? why not turn them into one magnificent mac and cheese waffle?

Recipe ====> willitwaffle.com

#10. Simple grate potatoes to make crispy hash browns cooked in a waffle iron.

Recipe ====> babble.com

#11. I have never thought of cooking a Pizza in the waffle iron. Bake the pizza dough in iron first, and then add your toppings until they get hot and melty.

Source: onegoodthingbyjillee.com

#12. Twice-waffled bread pudding can be a nice choice of your breakfast.

Recipe ====> willitwaffle.com

#13. Don’t count on having leftovers when you waffle these delicious pizza pockets for your kids.

Recipe ====> pillsbury.com

#14. Waffle brownies can be perfect breakfast, especially top them with fresh fruit.

Recipe ====> babble.com

#15. These s’moreffles look so amazing. How to make them? Just put one waffled graham cracker on the waffle iron and top with sweet chocolate and marshmallows.

Recipe ====> willitwaffle.com