10 Small Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

You step out, confident and energetic. Squeezing your eyes tightly shut, you feel your way. You know where it is. At least…you know where it should be…No longer confident, and feeling a lot less energetic, you wonder, How long has it been? How long was there not a towel to be found?

Finally, you give up. You need to get dressed. You just spent untold minutes playing “Blind Man’s Bluff” in the bathroom, trying to find a towel to dry off with after your shower. And you have made a resolution.

No, the resolution isn’t to try saying, “Marco” and see whether a towel says “Polo” next time. It’s to get some good towel storage in your teeny bathroom, so you always have a towel when, and where, you need it.

But the storage ideas will need to be really good ones. Such as—

1. Why should wine bottles have all the fun? And with this one, the odd wine bottle could sneak in on bubble bath day.

2. Easy, useful, classy, this rope shelf is perfect for the later-I’m-doing-yoga feel

via: remodelaholic.com

3. Those old wicker baskets could be new bathroom chic:

via: zevyjoy.com

4. Tools of the trade! Have every tool at hand.

via: bhg.com

5. A tree—that just makes too much sense. Everything off the floor, close at hand, looking good.

via: decoist.com

6. Above the door—the space that is always wasted—until now.

via: goodhousekeeping.com

7. Put in towels above the toilet and it feels like a hotel. Great! Show the way to the spa.

via: whimsygirldesign.blogspot.com

8. A couple of good-looking towel bars on the back of the bathroom door. That door isn’t going anywhere. Those towels would always be there.

via: sasinteriors.net

9. Interlocking shelves. Rolled towels would save so much space, and look classy, too.

via: food52.com

10. Putting a towel bar right on the shelf under the mirror. What do they call that? The vanity? Nothing vain about it.

via: micasarevista.com

With smart storage, there’s no reason to stumble around while leftover shampoo makes eyes regret having opened that day. Have a towel at your fingertips every time. And have a bathroom that would make a millionaire go home and copy it. With big storage ideas for not-so-big bathrooms, you can have it your way.