Awesome Ways to Display Your Planters on The Wall

There are no better decorations than plants in your outdoor space. But sometimes we don’t have enough places to put beautiful plants, such as a small yard, tiny porch, a mini balcony, and so on. Under such conditions, if you still insist on greening your space, walls can be the ideal space to display your plants. You can plant some plants, or flowers, or even you can plant herbs and lettuce. Everything depends on your imagination and creativity. So, if you still have bare walls in your home’s outdoor, then beautify them with live plants.

#1. Mount several different size wooden boxes on the wall, then perch your planters inside:

#2. Decorate your porch wall with these wooden frames, and turn one of them into a vertical garden:

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#3. Tranform wooden lattice into a holder and backdrop for plants that you want to display:

#4. Paint some old wooden crates in different colors and then fix them on the wall as planters holder:

#5. Create a iron framework in the form of tree branches to show your beautiful plants:


#6. Hang herb plants and flowers in colorful tin cans:

7. Renovate old window frames with different colors of paint, and then they can be used as planters holder for outdoor wall:

#8. Transform a recycled bicycle and a bicycle wheel into a stand for wall flower pots:

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#9. Fix the half of the flower pots to the wall and use recycled wood to make the frames:

#10. Repurpose a file organizer to an outdoor wall vertical garden:


#11. Make a wall planter shelf in the shape of a house:

#12. Reuse old pallet wood and create butterfly shaped wall stand for planters display:


#13. Give a fresh coat of paint to an upcycled pallet and then hang some tiny planters from it: