23 Makeup Tips and Secrets Every Women Should Not Miss

A successful make-up is able to emphasize your natural beauty and hide some flaws, but how to achieve the effect isn’t easy. Fortunately, there are a few exciting hacks that help you have fabulous looking makeup and you don’t have to be a professional. Here we have gathered 23 great makeup tips that will totally change your life. Take a look and see which one would you like to try immediately:

#1. A great idea to cover your blemishes, no using that bulky tube of concealer to cover them.

Tutorial at: thebeautydepartment.com

#2. Give a lifted effect to your eyes and enhance your eye shape.

Source: alldaychic.com

#3. Keep those lips kissable by sealing the deal.

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#4. Match color to your neck. Because your neck isn’t exposed to the sun, therfore it is the closest match to your ture skin tone.

Source: thebeautydepartment.com

#5. Use scotch tape as an eye liner and eyeshadow stencil.

Tutorial at: painted-ladies.com

#6. Add some Visine into the bottle of your mascara, this will make your mascara last longer.

Source: musely.com

#7. The most flattering eyebrows for your face shape.

Source: beautylish.com

#8. Eye Highlights – by highlighting certain areas, you can create the illusion of a brighter and bigger eye.

Tutorial at: makeupgeek.com

#9. Use a plastic spoon so you don’t get mascara on your skin.

Source: indulgy.com

#10. In order to ensure your makeup is healthy for your skin and eyes, it is necessary to regularly clean your makeup drawer.

#11. Make a homemade lip exfoliate with sugar, honey and coconut oil, and then use a baby toothbrush to exfoliate your lips.

Source: jennysuemakeup.com

#12. Apply blush according to your face shape.

Source: alexandragrey.com

#13. When your mascara expires, don’t throw away those wands, as you can reuse them as an eyebrow brush.

#14. Just as your curling iron works, use a blow dryer to heat your lash curler for about 3-5 seconds.

Source: wikihow.com

#15. False eyelash cheat sheet.

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#16. Use a business card or (No smudge mascara & eyeshadow shields) to protect your upper and lower eyelids from mascara smudges.

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#17. Successful way to disguise under eye bags.

#18. Use a nude pencil to create the illusion of a bigger eye.

Source: thebeautydepartment.com

#19. Secret to lash curling and stay curled longer.

Tutorial at: thebeautydepartment.com

#20. Determine what shape of eyes you have, then choose a proper placement of your shadows and liners.

#21. DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

#22. Use a white pencil to make your lips fuller.

Source: brightside.me

#23. Tightlining is a great way to enhance your lashes and make them look more lush, but it looks like you did not wear any makeup.

Tutorial at: painted-ladies.com