21 Genius Hacks Cat Owners Will Love Instantly

Cats can be very fun and they are always perceived as the most cutest little animals with lovely eyes and soft fur. Owning a cat can provide you a lot of fun in life, but it also be a hellish experience. You will encounter many challenges, such as: messes, smells and even finding the right ways to entice your finicky felines to eat. So this time, you need some simple ways for some of the less desirable aspects of cat ownership. Fortunately, for those of you who are cat owners, we’ve compiled 21 clever and brilliant life hacks that will make being a cat owner so much easier. Enjoy!

#1. Transform an IKEA billy bookshelf into a kitty climbing tower.

Source: ikeahackers.net

#3. This toilet paper saver that will stop your cat from unrolling it.

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#4. If your cat loves to sit in front of your computer, flip the top of a board game box upside down and set it off to the side. Boxes are like magnets for cats.

Source: imgur.com

#5. Small cat ladder to their heaven.

Source: pinterest.com

#6. Make a small bed of grass that is sure to make your kitty happy as well.

Source: craftster.org

#7. Make a quick and easy DIY scratching post for your cat by gluing a carpet sample to a wooden frame.

Source Unknown.

#8. Replace a cabinet door panel with a curtain to hide a little home for Kitty in your laundry room.

Source: thisoldhouse.com

#9. Let your cat enjoy outdoors safty by building this smart cat window.

Source: beesferryvet.wordpress.com

#10. Use a squeeze-ketchup bottle top with your vacuum to get the cat litter falls into weird crevices.

Source: lilluna.com

#11. This door latch that will let your cat through… but not your dog.

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#12. Put up some Ikea Lack shelves at different heights and a larger one on which the cat can rest.

Source: ikeahackers.net

#13. If your cat has ruined your screen door or window, there’s a fix for that.

Get it here: amazon.com

#14. A food container can be turn into this awesome cat puzzle. The trick is to burn the edges of the openings to smooth them out.

Tutorial at: theglamcat.blogspot.com

#15. Make a cat house out of cardboard box.

Source: momentstolivefor.com

#16. Cat toy made from a bunch of toilet paper rolls and an old tissue box.

Tutorial at: fourwhitepaws.net

#17. Keep your cat off surfaces with double sided tape.

Get it here: amazon.com

#18. It’s a self-petting station for your cats that was made with toilet bowl brushes.

Tutorial at: instructables.com

#19. Create a space-saving cat hammock under a table with cloth and velcro straps.

Source: catcrib.com

#20. Forget the lint rollers, grab a rubber gloved hand over upholstery to remove cat fur.

Source: coleandmarmalade.com    Source: realsimple.com

#21. Use velcro strips to prevent cat from constantly moving your rugs.

Source Unknown.