10 Cool Ways to Decorate with Brackets

Brackets – they are not just for propping up and securing wooden boards to build wall shelves, but can be elegant used in a number of home decorating projects. So, have a look at these 10 awesome ideas to decorate your home with brackets:

#1. Mounting a bracket to the wall to hang your plants basket.

Source: pinterest.com

#2. Repurpose iron brackets as curtain brackets for windows.

Source: beyondthescreendoor.com

#3. Dress up your stairs with decorative brackets.

Source: blog.vandykes.com

#4. Spice up a boring garden corner by adding a planter to the fence using shelf brackets.

Source: notjustahousewife.net

#5. Adding a shelf bracket is a clever way to end the backsplash where the cabinet ends but the wall does not.

Source: buzzfeed.com

#6. Decorate your closet rods with iron shelf brackets.

Source: lonleyfashion.blogspot.com

#7. Simple plain wood and decorative brackets in door way.

Source: lillyanna-lilaclanecottage.blogspot.com

#8. Add a breakfast bar to your kitchen and support it with antique porch corbels or iron brackets.

Source: laurieannas.blogspot.com

Source: goodhousekeeping.com

#9. Add some shelf brackets to doorways or windows to create architectural interest.

Source: thesteampunkhome.blogspot.com

Source: jenniferrizzo.com

#10. Add wood shelves with metal brackets above the bathroom sink or the washer and dryer in your laundry room.

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#. Support and decorate a pallet pot rack with iron brackets.

Source: mychaoscrossing.wordpress.com