Interior Design Upgrades that Increase Property Value

It isn’t surprising that most homeowners think of their home’s exterior when looking to increase property value. Renovating your exterior walls, changing your roof design, landscaping, and installing solar panels can certainly increase property value. However, you shouldn’t restrict your home improvement projects to the outdoors. Making the following interior design upgrades can also increase property value.

1.     Choose quality over quantity

Choosing quality over quantity interior upgrades is an easy way of increasing comfort and property value. You should opt for flawless elements, quality materials, and simplicity. Unknown to most homeowners, the luxury real estate market has specific rules, and lavish properties have a unique client base.

With a small client base, there is no expense spared in achieving a perfect home. Interior design features and amenities in your home should bring value and reflect your lifestyle. Below are a few tips for choosing quality over quantity.

  • Go for quality materials – You should prioritize household items made from quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship. Skimping on interior items significantly affects property appeal and can turn off potential buyers if you intend to sell your home in the future. A good starting point is ensuring you choose outstanding furniture designs, check its materials, and source from reputable suppliers. You can purchase quality options from
  • Emphasize on interior space – Adopting an interior design scheme that maximizes indoor space also boosts property value. Most luxurious property layouts use glass walls to open up living spaces and make the home capacious.
  • Opt for a classic design – While adopting whimsical designs for your home is tempting, interior trends and fashion can quickly fall out of favor. Outdated interior design trends can negate your property pricing and alienate buyers. Consider maintaining a classic design that won’t easily go out of style.

2.     Fix the flooring

Flooring is probably the most overlooked interior design upgrade that significantly increases property value. Apart from the basics, such as exterior paint and roofing, your choice of flooring directly affects buyers’ perception of your home. However, you should choose from endless types and design options. You should also consider several other factors before making a choice. Consider the following options to maximize flooring ROI when making home upgrades:

  • Opt for hardwood flooring – Hardwood flooring options have certainly stood the test of time. Wood flooring options have evolved from the initial bare lumber to modern geometric painted wood planks made to match other interior design elements. This explains why 54% of potential home buyers won’t resist paying more for these floor types.
  • Choose floor options that mimic wood – If you are upgrading your interior on a budget, consider flooring options that closely resemble wood. Vibrant rugs and carpets are a popular choice for their eco-friendly, versatile, and endless designs.
  • Choose floors according to the rooms’ traffic – While looks are important when choosing floor material, you shouldn’t ignore everyday use. Ceramic tiles and hardwood floors, like hickory and oak, are the best options for the entryway, kitchen, and other high-traffic areas. Similarly, avoid wooden floors in areas with high humidity.
  • Mind the flow between rooms – You should consider the big picture when planning floor replacement to increase property value. You should consider how the floor flows from one room to the other. Potential buyers don’t like floors with color patches and different finishes. You should hire a flooring expert to design and evaluate your floor plan to ensure correct transitions between rooms.

Your home’s interior design should start from the floor. Fixing your floor gives you a blank canvas from which you can make other interior design decisions. Floors also affect your home’s aesthetics, functionality, comfort, and safety.

3.     Declutter and optimize storage

Decluttering and optimizing your home’s storage space are simple, cheap, and effective ways to increase property value. Houzz research found that decluttering and styling can increase property value by $50,000. A decluttered home is uninviting and makes it impossible for potential buyers to visualize themselves living there.

Potential buyers will presume the entire property is disorganized if your entry porch or basement is cluttered. Decluttering shows prospective buyers that the home is maintained and well-cared for. You should focus on decluttering the following spots in your home:

  • Storage rooms – Potential buyers will want to see what’s in your garage, closets, and backyard sheds.
  • Organize the kitchen – Keep your kitchen countertops and appliances clean.
  • Halls and entryways – Like the roof and exterior walls, halls and entryways have an influence on the buyers’ first impression of your home’s interior. You should clean up and remove pictures, hooks, and personal artwork.
  • Laundry rooms – Remove cleaning products and clean the floors and laundry appliances.

Apart from increasing property value, you can also sell your home faster by decluttering. Potential buyers can’t see the potential of a cluttered home, making it sit longer in the market.

4.     Increase natural lighting

Bringing in more natural light is another simple and efficient way of increasing property value. For starters, natural light is an excellent way of setting the energy and mood of your home. Natural light also makes rooms appear spacious. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend much or change other interior design elements to achieve this.

You can bring in more natural light by making simple physical changes, such as installing a skylight, increasing the size of your windows, adding glass doors and partitions, and wall mirrors. You can also consider using light paint options for your interior walls and reducing furniture to ensure an even distribution of sunlight.

5.     Don’t ignore the small details

As you focus on large interior design changes, remember to work on small details. Simple things, such as stylish sockets and light fittings, can improve your home’s interior. Door handles, curtains, and other fine details can significantly enhance your home’s appeal and value.


Apart from exterior renovations and repairs, working on your home’s interior also increases property value. However, not all interior changes have this effect. Similarly, some interior design aspects add more value than others. You should focus on interior changes that boost value and attract potential buyers. You should choose the best materials and work with professional contractors.