Build an Efficient Tank to Reuse Rainwater

If you live in such a region where you receive plenty of rainfall then here is an amazing idea that helps you live a more sustainable life. This is a great idea for you to get clean water, garden irrigation water, or other domestic water through rainwater. It is a rainwater reuse tank system. Rainwater flowing through this system can provide you a regular supply of clean water. Of course, the best and most efficient use for this reused water would be toilet flushing, powering washing machines and garden irrigation.

How it works:

The system captures water from both landscaped areas through surface infiltration and from roof areas which are filtered through an Atlantis Filtration Unit. Clean water is retained within the storage area away from harmful U.V. light and heat remaining cool underground readily available for reuse.

If it is used only for garden irrigation water, we have also found some other simple systems:

Check the instruction for above rain barrel here.

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