A Homeowner’s Guide To Dealing With Old And Unwanted Items

If you’re decluttering or just notice that your home’s full of items you no longer use, the first thing that might come to your mind is how you can throw them away. While you can easily throw small items in the trash, handling larger and usable items might raise some problems. With that, you need to learn what to do when dealing with old and unwanted items.

Young woman arranging clothes at wardrobe

To help you out, below are some homeowners guides you could use to identify what are the things you need to do with your items:

  1. Donate To Charity

One of the first and most noble things you can do for your old and unwanted things is to donate them to charity.

There are plenty of reasons why donate to charity will be a good idea for your home and your community. With this, you can help someone in need by providing them with what they cannot acquire for themselves. It’ll be a small act of kindness that’ll surely come a long way.

But you need to inspect your items first before you donate to charity, as you need to ensure that they’re still in good working condition. You’re donating to help them live a comfortable life, not just because you want to get rid of your things.

  1. Hold A Garage Sale

If you’ve gathered plenty of items you no longer need, you might consider holding a garage sale. This way, you can display everything you don’t need and earn enough profits from it. Just ensure that you clean them before displaying them so people will be more enticed about purchasing your item.

If you’re selling plenty of things, you might want to attach a price to it so people wouldn’t have to constantly ask you about a price wherein they can easily check it on the tag. Moreover, you should price your item accordingly as you consider its condition and age.

  1. Sell Products Online

Alternative to holding a garage sale, if you don’t have many products, you might want to consider selling them online instead. This allows you to reach a wider audience without the added pressure of putting plenty of old and unwanted items on the table.

When selling online, ensure that you use high-quality photos while also emphasizing any flaws that the product might have. You can check your competitor’s pricing to compete well with their price and allow your product to attract the right people. Also, you can ship your products to your buyer’s address or do public meet-ups for safer transactions.

  1. Give To Friends And Relatives

Besides selling your old stuff, an easy way to dispose of any old and unwanted items inside your household is by giving them to friends and relatives who might need them. This way, you don’t have to go through the trouble of looking where to get rid of them, wherein you can simply ask them if it’ll be something they like. Then all you have to do is to let them pick it up from your home and let your clutter be out of your house in an instant.

  1. Hire A Skip Bin

If your old and unwanted items are no longer usable, as they’re considered rubbish, you might consider hiring a skip bin. Nonetheless, this option is your best choice if you’re decluttering, as it’ll be a waste to hire one if you’re just throwing away a few stuff.

When you hire a skip bin, you can put anything you want to dispose of inside the bin and let the company get rid of them for you. Depending on your payment, the skip bin can stay inside your property for two to three days, giving you enough time to throw out everything inside your house that you no longer need. Once you’re done, the skip bin company will arrive at your house and pick up the dumpster at your home.

  1. Recycle Or Repurpose

A great alternative to handling old and unwanted items is recycling or repurposing them at home. This allows you to see the full potential of your item as you will enable it to be something else. You can use old jars as your pen holder or any other pantry holder or amp up your aging furniture into something else. While this might require you to be more creative, it’ll surely help you save money while also reducing the clutter inside your home since you’re making them purposeful.

  1. Bring To Recycling Centers

Of course, the last thing you can do with your old and unwanted items is to bring them to recycling centers. While you might need to do a quick drive to your home’s nearest recycling centers, it’ll guarantee an effective way to declutter your home. And you can be more environmentally friendly as you’re not adding more rubbish to the dump site. It’ll be a great way to benefit your home and environment at the same time.


There are plenty of ways you can deal with old and unwanted items at home. As you see the options above, you should be able to see which will be the best choice for your convenience and the appropriateness of your item. With whichever choice you make, it’ll surely help you to get rid of your things without causing harm to your surroundings.