8 Ways LED Lighting Can Brighten Your Home

Lighting has grown and evolved thanks to the versatility of the technology. One of the more popular options remains LED (Light Emitting Diode). These types of lights are durable, energy-efficient, and versatile.

Although most people have no control over the light design, LED lighting differs from other alternatives. This type of lighting has become a vital component of interior design thanks to its accentuating features.

In addition, this type of lighting shows the beauty of most homes while still being functional. The versatility of LED lighting allows them to be made into different shapes and comes in an assortment of colors which you can choose from depending on the rest of your interior.

Furthermore, LED versatility has been at the forefront of modern interior lighting design by introducing indirect lighting. Some advantages of LED include;

  • Low Voltage Operation– LEDs generate twelve volts that are much safer, especially in flood-prone areas.
  • Lasts Longer– the lifespan of an LED light has an average of fifty thousand hours, which is better than the normal incandescent bulb. With the light lasting longer, you’ll get to save on replacement and maintenance costs.
  • Boosted Environmental Performance– with more people choosing to be eco-friendly, clients are settling for environmentally friendly lighting options. LED lights have boosted environmental performance as they don’t require special handling when they reach the end of their lifespan.
  • Flexible Design– LEDs tend to be small and can be used in most applications. As a result, LEDs offer vast options in terms of functionality.
  • Energy Efficiency– one main advantage of LED lighting is that it emits less waste light and more useful lumens. Depending on the type of LED lighting you’re using, you might notice a ninety percent improvement in energy efficiency.
  • It Works in Cold Conditions– most lighting sources don’t work well in cold weather. As a result, you might notice that when the temperature drops and light diminishes since most lighting options require a higher voltage to start. So, consider settling for LED lighting if you’re interested in outdoor lighting that doesn’t need as much maintenance.

With the above advantages, you can agree that LED lighting has so much to offer in your home. So, if you’re ready to install LED lighting, consider reaching out to professionals like Linear LED Lighting Solutions to help you find the right LED lighting for your home.

Once you get the perfect LED lighting type, consider using it in the ways discussed below to brighten your home.

  1. Hallway Lighting

Most hallways don’t benefit from natural light and might need artificial lighting during the day and at night. Before, these hallways were lit by light fixtures that hung from the ceiling. However, light fixtures tend to cast a glare effect that causes shadows to appear, thus leaving a dark and unappealing feeling.

So, to avoid this glaring effect, consider getting alternative lighting. One of the best hallway lightings is LED, which is versatile and can be used as an accent, especially on hallway ceilings. And if you enjoy having a modern feeling, LED offers a cool, warm, inviting, and crisp look.
LED lighting is also great for hallways as they’re highly customizable and with color change functions that include lighting and fade mode, speed control, brightness, and many more. So, when choosing LED lighting, consider the right placement. For instance, for vertical LED lighting, consider getting wall lights.
  1. Under-Cabinet Lighting

If you’ve noticed, most under-cabinets tend to be dark and gloomy. And this darkness is caused by the overshadowing of cabinets. As a result, you might need to illuminate these areas, and the best lighting for this is LED lighting.

The right lighting will prevent you from having to strain, especially depending on the bright overhead bulbs. Additionally, this lighting offers an aesthetic look that might leave you swooning over your space.

For that extra oomph, consider using LED lighting that comes in different fun colors. For instance, you can opt for lighting with vibrant colors when entertaining or bright white when cooking. For extra accessibility, consider getting lighting that can be controlled via smartphone.

  1. Under The Bed Lighting

Lighting under the bed has grown in popularity, with more people embracing this lighting trend. You can choose the type of feeling you want to introduce into your bedroom using LED lighting. For instance, LED lighting of certain colors can act as a night light in your kid’s room. As for your bedroom, you can create a cozy space by using LED lighting that comes with warm tones.

The best type of LED in your bedroom are LED light strips that can adhere to your bed frame and plug into a wall outlet. However, if you will buy new furniture, consider getting a bed frame with installed LED lighting.

  1. Accent Lighting

Every home requires the right type of lighting with proper placement and usage. In addition to functionality, lighting also boosts the aesthetic of living spaces. Using a combination of general and LED lighting, you can easily accentuate different features and transform your home.

LED lighting can improve the color of walls, your favorite painting, or the edges of certain furniture and appliances. In addition to accentuating, LED lighting also plays a vital role in boosting the mood of spaces and removing the gloominess that makes spaces unattractive.

LED lighting can also fill in the gaps left by general lighting. This lighting also creates a focal point and varies in terms of your lighting needs.

  1. On Stairs Lighting

Most staircases tend to be dark and might need lighting all through, making general lighting impractical regarding energy consumption. As a result, the best type of lighting is LED lighting which can be left on without worrying about the amount of energy consumed.

One of the main reasons for lighting the stairs is to avoid any safety risks. This lighting helps to provide a view of your next step when going up and down the stairs. You can avoid stepping or tripping on different elements that might have been left on the staircase and might pose a danger.

Apart from practicality, LED staircase lighting also introduces elegance into your space. With LED lighting, you can access a wide range of customizations that will fit seamlessly with your theme. You can choose a color that’s both simple and elegant.

  1. Theater Lighting

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your watching experience, turning your entertainment space into a home theater is the way to go. You can achieve this by using LED lighting with a color-changing feature.

You can install LED bulbs and strip lighting behind your Television and around the entertainment space. You can enjoy different colors that suit your mood when watching different movies or T.V programs. In addition to the aesthetic features, LED lighting can help relieve eye strain, especially when placed on the back of the screen.

The right placement of LED lighting can also make the images clearer. You can also achieve the glowing effect by using a strip of LED lights on both the top and bottom sides of your T.V.

  1. Brightens The Bathroom

Most of the old bathrooms have light fixtures placed above the mirror. This results in having shadows on your face when you’re looking at the mirror. You can consider using side lighting, which is a great alternative to brighten your bathroom without casting shadows on your face. Having side lights happens to be more flattering.

You can settle for LED lighting and incorporate them into the mirror without needing to add new fixtures. If you’re lucky to have a large mirror, you can use LED strip lighting around the frame for a fabulous and gorgeous lighting effect.

When getting LED lighting, consider experimenting with the different colors and designs. The colors you get should be close to natural lighting, especially if you are going to do your makeup in your bathroom window.

  1. Closets Lighting

If you’re lucky enough to have a large walk-in closet, you can attest that having one bulb can be annoying. This light fixture tends to cast shadows over every single thing, thus leaving behind a gloomy feeling.

So, consider installing LED lighting strips above your clothes, under your shelves, and along the wall for improved illumination. These placements are guaranteed to make your space brighter and change the mood.

You can pair this light with motion sensors which makes the light go on immediately after you open your door. These motion sensors also save energy consumption if you are prone to leaving the lights on.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for ways to make a room less cramped and gloomy, consider getting the right lighting. And although every home comes with light fixtures, you might need additional lighting options that improve the amount of light.

One of the best lighting alternatives that are energy sufficient and aesthetically pleasing is LED lighting. When getting LED lighting, ensure that you pick the right colored bulbs depending on the mood you want to set. Additionally, consider getting remote-controlled LED lights that will ease switching them on and off.