4 Successful House Hunting Tips

4 Successful House Hunting Tips

Relocating to a new house is one of the most thrilling experiences in almost anyone’s life, especially if it’s your first time staying alone or moving from your parent’s home. However, finding the right house is the most challenging step of the home-buying process. Understanding what you want before you begin hunting for a house can make the search somewhat easier than it actually would be. Here are four essential tips for successful house hunting.

1.   Determine how much house you can afford

Having a list of essentials for your new home is vital, but it’s a dull idea to look for one without finding out how much you can afford. You will risk being attracted to a house that will crumble you in monthly payments. Avoid buying a house unless you pay in cash or your mortgage payment, including home insurance, HOA, property taxes, and private mortgage insurance, is less than 25% of your net income.

2.   Find a reliable real estate agent

Hiring a local real estate agent can go a long way in helping you land your dream home. These professionals know many parts of your country very well and are in a better position to provide you with more choices of houses to look at. A professional real estate agent will do much of the work for you and strive to get you a home you will be impressed with.

Finding the most reliable moving company, such as Osmon Moving and Storage, is one of the buyers’ most stressful relocating tasks. Fortunately, an experienced real estate agent who has worked with relocating buyers can help take some pressure off your hectic moving schedule.

3.   Get pre-approved for a mortgage

Be sure to include the process of getting a mortgage pre-approval in your house-hunting checklist. Getting pre-approved takes time and effort up front, but it will pay dividends when you find your dream home. The seller knows you are a credible buyer who will help them sell their home fast when you submit a pre-approval letter with your offer. A 15-year fixed-rate mortgage will be your best bet if you want to avoid colossal high-interest payments over the loan’s life.

4.   Shop around

Unless you are a high-level buyer looking for a custom home, chances are that there might be quite a few others close to any home you find that you like. Most neighborhoods have similar houses or the exact model, and all may have been constructed by the same builder. Even if you can’t find an identical home for sale, you can perhaps find a house with many of the same features. The odds are also in your favor if you are looking for a townhouse or condo.

Being willing to continue your search can save you from making hasty decisions you might regret later. Thankfully, there are many real estate websites and apps that can help you streamline the house-hunting process, making it possible to review hundreds of homes within a few hours.


There are many ways to do house-hunting right, including working with a stellar professional you trust and getting that mortgage pre-approval. Follow these easy tips to save yourself time, confusion, and hassle during the house-buying process. Most importantly, have fun and stay open.

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