10 Popular Wallpaper Mural Ideas to Revamp Your Living Room

10 Popular Wallpaper Mural Ideas to Revamp Your Living Room

Do you know you can make your room stylish and stand out by installing wallpaper? Forget the boring wallpapers used in the past, today, wallpaper can bring exciting colors and fun into your space.

Importance of Wallpaper Selection

If you are unsure if the wallpaper is the best option for your living room, here are pointers to note.

They Are Durable

Wallpapers are long-lasting since they can serve you for 15 years or more. So not only will you have a living room that looks great, but it is also pocket-friendly. In addition, well-maintained wallpaper can last three times longer than paint.

Hides Imperfect Walls

If you have damaged walls, you can hide this factor by using wallpapers. If your wall has a defect you are not about to fix, invest in quality thick wallpapers to help your walls look spectacular.

Fast Transformation

Another reason to consider using wallpapers is they will offer you fast transformation compared to painting. For example, a painting project can take weeks, while a wallpaper installation can take as little as a day.

Tips of Choosing the Right Wall Paper

Though there are many benefits you will gain when you install wallpaper, you might be wondering how to get the best wallpaper for the living room. Here are some ideas that can help you with the selection.

Have A Theme: A theme gives you the direction you can use. It is also a way of making sure the wallpaper matches your living room decor.

Consider The Room Size: if you have a small room, choose light wallpaper since it will help in creating an illusion of space.

Get The Best Quality: If you want wallpaper that will serve you for a long time, you should invest in the best quality.

10 Popular Wallpapers You Can Invest In Your Home

If you have trouble selecting the right wallpaper, you have come to the right place. Hare are ten living room wallpaper ideas you can use.

1. Art Deco
Transform your living room by getting wallpaper that harmoniously combines different images.

2. Ombre Moonlight
The design is simple and sophisticated, and the shade will entice calmness
and relaxation. Thus, it will make your living room stunning.

3. Soft Green Marble
If you are looking for a creative yet simple design for the walls in your living room, this is the best option to get.

4. Watercolor Mountain
This is a great option for people who love nature and watercolor landscape. The wallpaper can add a combination of peace and comfort to your home without overdoing the decor.

5. Mosaic Van Gogh
If you love art painting and want an ultra-modern style living room, then you are going to love this wall mural. The abstract illustration of Famous Van Gogh portrait perfectly blend with geometric figures and mosaic effect that will impress your friends and guests when they see it.

6. White Heron
Another great wallpaper mural that you can install in your living room is White Heron. This is a great wall decoration that helps in creating a natural atmosphere.

7. Quartz Stone
The wallpaper has shades of light green and highlights of dusky orange, all properly furnished to create watercolor quartz stone. These wallpapers will make your living space elegant and appealing.

8. Hexagonal flowers
Are you looking for wallpaper that will give your living room space a timeless feeling? The Hexagon Flower wallpaper adds a touch of class and is not likely to run out of style.

9. New York City Street
If it is a masculine touch you need in your living room, this New York City painting black and white wallpaper will do the trick. The best part is that it is a design that will match almost any decor you have in your living room.

10. China Rose
The wallpaper design incorporates pink China roses, green, and close rose bushes. They add a graceful feeling to your living room space. They also add a feminine touch and give you an elegant finish.

If you are interested in any of the wallpapers discussed above, you can visit Ever Wallpaper. They offers numerous selections of gorgeous wallpapers that you can use in your living room and make your living space look stunning. If you want the wallpaper to serve you for a long time, ensure it is properly installed.